Can we have your Feedback Please?

Hi travel fans,

Here are a few simple questions that will give us some feedback to allow us to improve future travel blogs.  Please take a moment and let us know how we did.  Also, all comments will be appreciated.

Thanks again and see you next trip.



6 responses to “Can we have your Feedback Please?

  1. Bill Hensley

    great trip reporting keith and made me wish i was there with you….only question i had was how come no pictures of the beach massage girls….i am still young enough to appreciate and handle pictures of good looking women OK….the pics you did take showed nice locations, great scenery, and a lot of nice resturants…you guys had way too much fun i can tell…..looking forward to your next trip…when and where is that going to be….oh and the china train trip sounds like a hoot and i may do that trip on my next visit to china with wife….

  2. We enjoyed your blog. I love your adventurous spirit and travel tips. The photos were great. Please keep us on your mailing list.

  3. Paige Bartley

    Hi Keith and Andrea,
    Jay and I really enjoyed meeting you both in Mexico and had a great time hanging out with you guys over dinner. Jay and I leave for Cabo San Lucas in April 2012 and would like the two of you to join us. It would be great if we could get Julie and Ed to join us as well.
    Take Care,

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