We are off on a new Trip!

Hi Travellers,

We are off on a new trip beginning 6 Jan 2012, to Panama.  Please join us at:


Our new blog will have a different look and feel and have a stronger emphasis on photography.  Just follow the link to the new blog and sign up to follow our trip.

Best wishes




6 responses to “We are off on a new Trip!

  1. Hi Keith. I hope to make it down there this coming year as well. My sister and brother in law just retired down there and are building a house in Playa Coronado area. If you will be that way, let me know…I will hook you guys up~
    Have fun!

    • Hi Deb,
      By all means send us the contact info. Punta Chame and Gorgona are both close to Corronado, which we are familiar with from other trips. You and your family have a great Christmas. Enjoy the snow!


  2. Can’t wait to follow you on this trip. Paige and I just got back from a trip to Maui. Hope all is well with you two. Have a Merry Christmas.

    • Hi Guys,
      Nice… just back from Miami! I should have taken the money for that condo in Mexico and put in the heated driveway! Nice to get that snow melted! Looking forward to our next adventure and glad you will be aboard.

      Happy Christmas to you both

  3. will be looking forward to following your trip….wish it was a few feet behind you instead of the p/c….with the photo’s how about more more pics of good looking women ok….enjoy and say hello to weekend wife for me….tks bill

    • Hi Bill,
      The weekend wife doesn’t like her picture being taken so will have to find you a stand in or two! The things I have to do to entertain my firends!

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