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Playa La Ropa and a Wedding on the Beach

Hi travellers,

Guess what!  Another sunny warm day here in paradise.  Its was 33 C and we went to the beach.  This was our last full day here in beautiful Zihuatanejo area.

Our other new friends, Julie and Ed, move over to the Pacifico resort in Ixtapa for another week today.  I wonder if we could camp out on their balcony?

For our last breakfast we headed down town with Julie and Ed for breakfast at Bananas restaurant.  They make a mean fruit smoothie.  I liked the sign on the outside of the restaurant about the soccer game.  They spell kind of  like I do.  Too bad they don’t make a spell checker for a white board.

After an enjoyable breakfast we said our good byes and jumped on a bus for Playa La Ropa.  I think when they retire the buses that run from Ixtapa to Zihuatanejo, they put them on this route.  I’ve not seen such beat up old busses since our early travels to Mexico.  They rattle and shake and all sound like they need a new muffler.  Oh well, the fare here is only 5 pesos and they run with all the windows and doors open so you are not overcome by fumes.

Playa La Ropa is right across the bay from our resort.  If you stood in our resort pool and looked across the bay, Playa La Ropa would be at about 10 AM.  Today is Saturday and even with the triathlon in Ixtapa, the beach is busy with locals.  It’s very scenic here, with resorts built along the beach and up the hillside.  I took a shot of our resort from Playa La RopaVilla Vera is the big brown building in the top right quadrant of the image.

We were in Zihuatanejo twelve years ago for a day when we drove up the coast from Acapulco.  Until today, we were not sure where in the Zihuatanejo we had stayed.  Today, we located it and some other familiar landmarks.  It was here at Playa La Ropa!  Judge for yourself from the images I have enclosed.

There were a group of about 20 high school kids sitting just down the beach from us.  Some of the boys started doing some tumbling on the sand.  One of the kids was pretty good.

We headed back to the resort later in the afternoon, surviving the gassy bus ride once again.  The climb up the hill is getting harder and harder to do.  For those that need to know, it is actually 0.75 Km and takes just under 10 minutes to climb.  According to my workout monitor, you will burn 37 Kcal on the uphill walk.  The last part is the killer with a 45 step steep staircase to climb.

We decided we would descend the mountain one last time for dinner tonight.  It is a bit cooler and there is a steady cooling breeze so we picked a restaurant we had been to before, Tatas restaurant.  It was a beautiful night and they are located right on the beach, in fact, in the sand about 20 feet from the water.

Because this was our last night I elected to leave my camera at the resort.  It weighs 14 pounds and after two weeks of lugging it around with me everywhere, I thought it would be nice to have a night without it.  Now this has backfired on me before and, sure enough, it did again tonight.

We arrived at our restaurant and right next door on the sand there was a local wedding happening.  It was just a small group of local people but they had set up a small shelter made of palm leaves right on the public beach and lined both sides of a 20 or so foot pathway from the beach walkway with coconuts that were carved out, then filled with kerosene and lit.   The bride was in a long white dress and the groom was also in white but Mexican casual.  The whole service took about 15 minutes or so and all the people walking down the beach applauded when the ceremony was over.  I wish I had some pictures to show you.  I should have guessed.  We have been here 3 Saturdays and the previous 2 have both had weddings.

We had a great dinner and an opportunity to say good-bye to Umberto, the proprietor, who we have come to know.  I had garlic shrimp and Andrea had lobster.  With drinks, the meal was only 360 pesos (around $35.00).  We lingered an hour or so until dusk watching a half-dozen or so kids on boogie boards performing in the surf.  It was a fitting close to a wonderful vacation.

There probably will be no post tomorrow as we overnight in Houston.  I’ll catch you up when we get home on Monday.


A Dress for Andrea


Today was another perfect day here in paradise.  Sunny and 32 C again.

Today we headed into Ixtapa for lunch at the Pacifico resort.  We had a coupon  for 400 pesos (about $40.00) to use up.  Have you ever tried to spend $40.00 on breakfast in Mexico?  It’s a bit like the game you played as a kid where you tried to spend a million dollars out of the Sears Catalog.  It’s hard to do but we did it.  With a tip, we were able to spend it all.  (Murray, you’d have been proud)

Part of the lunch was a huge fresh fruit concoction that was to die for.  Take a watermelon and lop the bottom off it so it will sit flat on a plate.  Cut the melon off about 5 inches above the plate then take an ice cream scoop and dig 3 large holes in the watermelon.  Put the scoops of watermelon back on top of the watermelon, then stand full size slices of cantaloupe, honey-dew melon,  and papaya in the 3 watermelon holes.  Finish it off with a big old scoop of lime sherbet.  I’d love to show you a picture but we kind of got eating before I got the camera out and it was gone before I could take the picture!

We finished our shopping in Ixtapa and escaped before there were too many barriers set up to impede the traffic.  There is a huge triathlon here tomorrow.  Apparently it is an annual event and a very big deal here.  There is lots of preparation underway and we were warned that trying to get anywhere in Ixtapa tomorrow will be difficult.

I think I have been away from home too long!  All the mannequins here look particularly well filled out and all the stores have them.  They don’t seem to look the same as most of the people we see walking in the street but I will keep looking and let you know if I find a match.  😉  For some reason, that has now escaped me, I thought that this information might be useful to someone.

We were walking down the street and found a wedding shop with some dresses that are quite different from home.  (Alicia, pay attention)  They are really quite beautiful.  Andrea has picked out the gold one to wear to Alicia’s wedding. (Hehe)  If anyone is looking for wedding garb and likes these styles, we can give you the address.  They have pretty good pricing too.  These three are each between $400.00 and $600.00.

We found another massage place today.  This one was in town and provided a real good massage for 250 pesos.  (about $25.00)

We lost two of our group today.  Paige and Jay left for home.  We hope they are still following this blog because we need them to know what they missed tonight.

As we walk to and from town, we have been passing Lety’s restaurant but we have never gone in.  It turns out that this little place, above a fisherman’s bar is another Trip Advisor recommended restaurant.  It’s kind of on the wrong side of the tracks, or in this case river and looks a tad local.  It’s one of those places that you would normally just walk by.

Julie, Ed and us walked to the small second floor restaurant and seated ourselves at one of the dozen or so tables and ordered coconut shrimp.  After all, it was the specialty of the house.  The owner, Lety herself, came out and introduced herself to us and thanked us for coming then headed off to the kitchen to prepare our order.

The second floor location provides a nice view of the public pier, across the river.  Lety tells us that she has owned the restaurant for about three years.  The decor was already there when she opened the restaurant.  Would you have guessed from the wall art that it was a fisherman’s bar?

The food was excellent!  The coconut shrimp was done perfectly and the shrimp were a good size.  This place gets a double thumbs up for great seafood, authentic atmosphere, friendliness, and being close to our hotel.  Too bad we have been walking by instead of walking in!  Too bad, Paige and Jay, you missed another great one.

A Birthday for Alicia

Hi All,

Well today was another warm one.  It was 33 C and the hotel was all but empty.  We had the pool almost to ourselves.

Breakfast was at Deborah’s Chili Beans.  Here we had great food, including fresh orange juice, a fruit plate, scrambled eggs with beans and hot sauce, toast and coffee.  This was 49 pesos or around $4.80.  As the name of the restaurant indicates, there was some spice too.  Food here is definitely a bargain.  We have not decided yet if the pricing is due to no tourists or it being the off-season.  Anyone know?  The food was great and the owner wants images from me.  Nice to have fans!

We went for a stroll after breakfast that turned into a shopping spree.  The image of the two wild turkeys was taken during our stroll around the shopping center.  We found these guys the first day we arrived and have watched the restaurants for signs indicating a turkey special but have yet to find such a place.  The wild turkeys will put the run on most kids who try to chase them.  After seeing them in action, I would vote for the turkeys!

Well today is the nurses birthday so today, according to her, it is all about her!  There is a mall across the street from the hotel that has lots of shops and is nicely kept.   We wandered a bit and enjoyed the lack of people.  Check out the images.  No people!

We headed back to the pool at the hotel for a dip or two as the weather is warm.  As long as you are on the beach you can usually find a nice cooling breeze.  A certain short person who shall remain nameless until the police capture her, managed to lift my camera long enough to catch me in one of my busiest moments.  Oh well, I guess its only fair.

I promised some bus pictures to my brother so here we go.  Busses here carry the destination on the windshield.  Busses here have stick-on letters so the destinations are pretty easy to read.  On previous trips to places in Mexico we found destinations written in soap on the windshield.  At best this was difficult to read.  Busses here are reasonably small, gas-powered and have a manual transmission.  During the day, the bus carries a driver and a ticket taker but in the afternoon the ticket taker seems to disappear.  Maybe he gets a siesta.  The driver now has to take the fair from people.  These buses have no GPS, no automated announcements,  no electronic fare boxes, and no security cameras like at home but the fare is only 8 pesos (about $0.70).

Well, tonight we are going out to celebrate a certain person’s birthday.   She is pretty photogenic and the scenery and light are spectacular.













We picked the El Faro restaurant on the top of the hill at the Pacifico resort complex.  We arrived at the restaurant after a short 35 peso cab ride and were seated on the lowest level of the multi tiered restaurant.  The view was amazing.  The service was amazing.  The food was amazing.  The sunset was amazing!  After a few pictures of the birthday girl, off and on during the evening, we descended to the beach via the chair lift and walked back to our resort along the beach.

Massage $25 – Para Sailing $20

Hi gang,

Well, today is Sunday, sunny and 33 C.  Someone finally kicked the hotel Internet in right place so I can post this from our room instead of having to find an Internet Cafe.

Today we headed to the Pacifico resort on the hill down the beach from us.  If you check out the “Down the Beach” image from yesterday’s post, you will see a hill at the end of the beach with buildings all over it.  This was our target.

We found our way to the resort by a short cab ride for breakfast, the view and a tour of the resort.  It is an amazing place and you can see all the way down the beach.

We were at this very restaurant 10 or 12 years ago for lunch.  We were staying in Acapulco at the time and drove up to this area for a look-see.  We stayed overnight and returned to Acapulco the next day.  Ixtapa sure has grown since that time.  There were only half a dozen resorts down the beach at that time and now it is pretty well full.

We took a tour of some of the units in the Pacifico and enjoyed the views.  It would be a great place for people who never leave their suite!  Most of the units had cool pools on their deck.  Some had their showers designed in such a way as the upper 3 feet was open to the outside.  Showers with views!  Nice Mexican shacks!

Following our tour, we returned to the beach below on a cable car.  It was in operation when we were here last time and it is still widely used to ferry guests up and down to the beach.

We walked back to our resort on the beach, stopping to check prices for Massage ($25.00 per hour) and Pará sailing, which we have been informed will be a mandatory activity for some of us on Tuesday.  We were told we could expect prices around $35.00 per person, but were quoted $25.00, which was reduced to $20.00 as we walked away.

We grabbed some pool time at the resort.  This resort is a combination hotel and time share so the 100% guest turnover each weekend was not evident.  There are definitely fewer people here today although not as few as we had expected.  The pool is actually too warm to be refreshing.  It is more like a warm bath.

Around 7PM, it was announced by the women that after major research, (they looked at a map) a dinner restaurant had been selected and that we should get under way.  We walked 15 or 20 minutes down the road to the Marina area.  This is at the opposite end of the beach from the Pacifico resort, that we visited this morning.

The Marina is somewhat like the one in Puerto Vallarta, in that there is a light house containing a lounge at the top and restaurants lining the edge of the Marina.  Unlike Puerto Vallarta, this Marina has crocodiles in the water, as the sign attests.  There are a half-dozen or so restaurants here, none of which had any patrons.  We were literally the only people looking to have dinner!  Nice to have your own private restaurant with all the staff to attend to your needs.  This truly is the off-season.