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Zihuatanejo Preview

Hi travellers,

I’m flattered to let you know that for the last three days there have been over 100 hits per day to our little travel blog.  Very nice.  Thank you to everyone following us.  Remember if you want to see larger images, click on them and a larger version will open.  With some browsers, if you click the image after it opens it enlarges it further.

Alicia took me running this morning at about 7:30.  We hit the hills this time and covered about 2.5 kms.  I’m going to miss Alicia when she goes home tomorrow.  She keeps me company when running and sunning.  Crossing the streets is also quicker and safer with her in the lead because cars stop for her.  While running this morning the dump trucks coming out of a construction site stopped while we crossed the street.  I’m pretty sure they would have driven right over me if I had been alone.

After breakfast we went in search of another massage as today is Alicia’s last whole day here.  Andrea had spied a small operator right next to the hotel, on the beach and we had grand plans of squeezing the minimum price out of them.  Unfortunately, they appeared to take the day off.  Anyways, nobody turned up at the shop.  Not giving up, Andrea had spotted another beach massage down the beach next to Senior Frog’s.  As we approached it, three of the girls met us to sell us massages.  They wanted 300 pesos ($30.00).  Alicia told them that their completion down the beach only charged us 250 pesos ($25.00).  I asked for a better price because we were three.  We got the massages for 200 pesos ($20.00) each and the massages were much better than our last ones.  These girls actually knew how to massage!  Now that we have established a rate, we will get the same rate any time we decide to return.

After our massages and being all greased up, we headed back to the hotel to grab some sun at the pool and take advantage of not having to apply any oil.  The hotel is quite busy today.  It seems that lots of locals come to this area on weekends.  We were told that the local vacation time is July and that is when they expect hotels and restaurants to fill again.  They are setting up for another outside wedding today, with dinner tables and a dance floor all set up on the lawn and chairs on the beach for the actual service.  This wedding is not as elaborate as the one last weekend.  Alicia is thinking of putting a deposit down for a wedding at some future date when she snags a man!

Today’s towel art was a mermaid for Alicia and something quite beautiful but yet to be identified for Andrea and I.  Can you help us identify the piece on the left?  These people have too much time on their hands, I think.

The nurse got to choose a dinner place because it was her last night.  She selected Tata’s restaurant in Zihuatanejo where we were last Monday for the great shrimp dinner right on the beach.  Because of this, you get a little preview of what Zihuatanejo looks like.  It is very different from Ixtapa!  We jumped on the bus right outside our hotel and I couldn’t help taking this shot of one of the riders.  She is such a cutie!

Umberto, from the restaurant remembered us from our previous visit and served us another great meal.  After dinner, we moved out on the beach as some of the local kids were performing in the surf.  This is one of those kind of things you run into when you are least expecting it when travelling.  There were a dozen or so kids all lined up along the beach to board the waves coming into the beach.  They would run toward the water on a 45 degree angle to it.  They would throw their board down on the sand just next to the water and as the board slid into the water they would jump on it.  There were some very talented kids there and I hope you enjoy the images.  There were some superb crashes!





On the way back to the bus, we passed a bar that had swings for seats.  You will see what I mean.  More details on Zihuatanejo when we move there on Saturday.


Can You Pick the Real Bus Driver?

Hi Travel Followers,

Today was a busy warm sunny day here in Ixtapa again.  Alicia has tried to get up on a particular para sail since her birthday but the high waves on the beach are causing the sail operators some difficulty and their presence on the beach to be called at best sporadic.  First thing today brought the same high waves and no para sails on the beach, so we decided to go to Playa (that’s Ply-a, meaning beach) Linda after breakfast.


Playa Linda is a tourist beach located in the direction of, but further than, the Marina.  It contains thatch roofed restaurants that dispense beer, soda and the catch of the day.  A short distance off shore is a small island called La Isla (The Island) that small boats shuttle tourists to and from, up to ten at a time.  Round trip is 40 pesos or about $4.00.  On La Isla, you will find more thatched roof restaurants, two beaches, one with rough and one with calm water, and other tourist facilities that you might want to spend your money on.  It was a slow day and there were mostly locals there today.  Lots of kids really enjoying the water.








We started back to the hotel at about 2 PM stopping to wander in the small market at Playa Linda for a while before heading for our bus, which was at the end of the line with the driver outside sitting on one of the park benches.  It was the same bus that we came on and the driver recognized us and waved at us to go ahead and get on the empty bus.

The driver caught Alicia trying out the driver’s seat and suggested she drive the bus home.  She declined due to her inability to handle a stick shift, and probably a bunch of other really good reasons, that she wouldn’t drive.  I was surprised she declined!  The driver then tried to get Andrea to drive but that didn’t work either so he ended up having to drive it himself.

We got back to our hotel in about 20 minutes and headed up to the room to check out the para sailing situation.  More towel art today!  Alicia got a swan and our room was dressed up with a snail.  They really put a lot of work into this stuff.

We were in luck!  Even though the beach was still covered with waves, the particular sail that Alicia wanted was floating down the beach past our hotel.  We headed out to find Ivan, the operator, who we met several days ago when he priced the para sailing session for us.

When we got to the spot where they were launching from, we found that there wasn’t much dry sand but they had a sail spread out anyways and were quite busy.  Alicia wanted the sail with the “No Money No Honey” sign on it but they had already put it away.  Ivan went and got it and they changed over to it just for her!  Can you say spoiled?  Anyway, there was one person ahead of her and he flew the “No Money No Honey” sail.

I didn’t know this until today but apparently you can’t use a wet sail so you guessed it, when the guy landed and they laid out the sail for the next person, a big wave came in and rolled over “No Money No Honey” and another sail.  The team dragged the two wet sails off the beach and returned with a dry one with a big rabbit on it.  After they helped Alicia to get into the rigging and gave her instructions on how to die gracefully, she was ready to go for a ride on the big bunny.

Off she went into the wild blue yonder, being dragged by the tow boat laboring under the strain of hauling that big sail through the air all the way down the beach.  On her return, she managed to miss the buildings and make a graceful landing, even though she had forgotten some of the instructions.

It was my turn next.  Now I’ve used a parachute but never a para sail.  You experience a gentle smooth lifting as the boat pulls the sail.  It is a very pleasant experience and the view is incredible.  I must confess to wondering what would happen if the small nylon rope connecting me to my source of forward propulsion, broke.  I don’t think that I would quite make Japan but you just never know.

Black Flags for the Beach

Greetings from Sunny Mexico!

Today, I got my butt out of bed for a 7:30 AM run.  Andrea was still in bed and Alicia didn’t make the run.  I went down around the marina again for a total of 3.5 Km.  It is nice at that time of the day.  The sun is not yet up and there are very few people around except maintenance staff watering the shrubbery.

Eventually, everyone got organized for breakfast and we headed out to Casa Morelos restaurant.  This place produced a totally average breakfast.  Nothing special or memorable about the place at all.  Breakfast for 3 ran about 400 pesos or about $38.00.

Back at the hotel, they had changed the beach flags from Red (dangerous) to Black (really dangerous).  For some reason the waves have been really high, beginning yesterday and it continued throughout today.  The noise is deafening!  All the resorts have beach chairs and palapas out on the beach and the waves have been so high that the first row of chairs were in danger of being washed out into the bay.  It is interesting to see resort staff chasing to recover chairs as they threaten to leave the property.  Alicia talked to a local who said they have never seen the waves come so high on the beach.  Well, our only difficulty with all this is that it is delaying Alicia’s Pará Sail ride.  Today there were no Para Sail operations working due to the fact that their landing zones were under water and the waves made operating the tow boats too difficult.

When we got back to our rooms, we found some pretty stylish towel art.  Staff here must go to the same towel art school as the cruise ships staff.


We had a recommendation from a local for dinner tonight but we could not find the place.  We ended up at a little place called El Calabozo Tacos & Fajitas restaurant.  There was one other table eating there.  The well dressed chef came to our table to answer any questions about the menu and to take our orders.  He then disappeared into the kitchen to create our dinners.  I had the fish of the day which was Sea Bass.  While it was cooking, the garlic wafting out of the kitchen had me drooling in anticipation.

The main course came with an impressive presentation.  Our waiter also had some extraordinary skills.  He delivered two nicely made paper roses that he had just put together to the women before we ate.

Following dinner, the chef delivered a set of three hollowed out cucumber shot glasses to us and poured us a complementary drink of a local Hooch.  Very unique.

Our waiter, Louis, turns out to be an amateur magician and he just had to show us a couple of tricks.  The one in the image with the two forks suspended on a horizontal toothpick was particularly interesting.   Can any engineers out there explain to us how this works?  He also provided Alicia with a very attractive tin foil flower that he had everyone at the table help him build.  This meal was extraordinary!  The food was great, the presentation was impressive and the service and entertainment was totally unique.