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A Dress for Andrea


Today was another perfect day here in paradise.  Sunny and 32 C again.

Today we headed into Ixtapa for lunch at the Pacifico resort.  We had a coupon  for 400 pesos (about $40.00) to use up.  Have you ever tried to spend $40.00 on breakfast in Mexico?  It’s a bit like the game you played as a kid where you tried to spend a million dollars out of the Sears Catalog.  It’s hard to do but we did it.  With a tip, we were able to spend it all.  (Murray, you’d have been proud)

Part of the lunch was a huge fresh fruit concoction that was to die for.  Take a watermelon and lop the bottom off it so it will sit flat on a plate.  Cut the melon off about 5 inches above the plate then take an ice cream scoop and dig 3 large holes in the watermelon.  Put the scoops of watermelon back on top of the watermelon, then stand full size slices of cantaloupe, honey-dew melon,  and papaya in the 3 watermelon holes.  Finish it off with a big old scoop of lime sherbet.  I’d love to show you a picture but we kind of got eating before I got the camera out and it was gone before I could take the picture!

We finished our shopping in Ixtapa and escaped before there were too many barriers set up to impede the traffic.  There is a huge triathlon here tomorrow.  Apparently it is an annual event and a very big deal here.  There is lots of preparation underway and we were warned that trying to get anywhere in Ixtapa tomorrow will be difficult.

I think I have been away from home too long!  All the mannequins here look particularly well filled out and all the stores have them.  They don’t seem to look the same as most of the people we see walking in the street but I will keep looking and let you know if I find a match.  😉  For some reason, that has now escaped me, I thought that this information might be useful to someone.

We were walking down the street and found a wedding shop with some dresses that are quite different from home.  (Alicia, pay attention)  They are really quite beautiful.  Andrea has picked out the gold one to wear to Alicia’s wedding. (Hehe)  If anyone is looking for wedding garb and likes these styles, we can give you the address.  They have pretty good pricing too.  These three are each between $400.00 and $600.00.

We found another massage place today.  This one was in town and provided a real good massage for 250 pesos.  (about $25.00)

We lost two of our group today.  Paige and Jay left for home.  We hope they are still following this blog because we need them to know what they missed tonight.

As we walk to and from town, we have been passing Lety’s restaurant but we have never gone in.  It turns out that this little place, above a fisherman’s bar is another Trip Advisor recommended restaurant.  It’s kind of on the wrong side of the tracks, or in this case river and looks a tad local.  It’s one of those places that you would normally just walk by.

Julie, Ed and us walked to the small second floor restaurant and seated ourselves at one of the dozen or so tables and ordered coconut shrimp.  After all, it was the specialty of the house.  The owner, Lety herself, came out and introduced herself to us and thanked us for coming then headed off to the kitchen to prepare our order.

The second floor location provides a nice view of the public pier, across the river.  Lety tells us that she has owned the restaurant for about three years.  The decor was already there when she opened the restaurant.  Would you have guessed from the wall art that it was a fisherman’s bar?

The food was excellent!  The coconut shrimp was done perfectly and the shrimp were a good size.  This place gets a double thumbs up for great seafood, authentic atmosphere, friendliness, and being close to our hotel.  Too bad we have been walking by instead of walking in!  Too bad, Paige and Jay, you missed another great one.


Thalasso or a Swim?

Hi again travellers,

Once again today is warm, sunny, and 32 C.  We had part of our breakfast in our room which consisted of coffee and some sweet rolls that we bought from a street vendor on the way back to the hotel last night.  They were 3 pesos each which would be about $0.30.  We headed downtown to finish breakfast at a restaurant that was recommended by Jay, one of the group that we were out with last night.  The draw was a large fresh fruit plate for 25 pesos (around $2.50).  We found the La Tertulia restaurant right across the street from Zorro’s bar, right where it was supposed to be.  The large plate of fresh fruit fed both Andrea and I.

We decided to use up a day pass that we ad for the Loma Del Mar’s Thalasso Spa.  Now when we first saw this place a few days ago and they called it a Thalasso Spa, I had no idea what “Thalasso” was or meant but I was suitably impressed as it sounded very, exotic, expensive, advanced and spa like.  It turns out that “Thalasso” simply means sea water or salt water.  I was disappointed!  Could it be that this whole exotic spa experience could be equated to a swim in the sea?  We went anyways because of all the toys around the main treatment pool that I wanted to play with.  Thanks, Andrea for being a good sport.  I needed a model to show the treatments and after much sniveling, groveling, and begging on my part she agreed to fill in for Alicia, who went home early!

We were met by Vicky, who was assigned to help us through our treatment.  The whole think takes about 2.5 hours and it is all water related.  There are 15 steps in the complete treatment.  Here is what happens:

  1. This is the Reflexology treatment.  You walk over a path of small round stones that are about an inch in size.  This is designed to give stimulation to the feet.  At the end of the small path of round stones, you are deluged with 3 large volume water jets.  One for either side of you and one directly above you.  It is a great massage for the neck and back.  Alicia, I have permission to use this picture.  It is not a peeper shot;
  2. The next step is a relaxation stage where you lay on a fiberglass bed in the salt water treatment pool and air is gently released through the holes in the bed.  It is very comfortable and relaxing.  You have to hold on or you will float away;
  3. Next is the treatment for neck and shoulders.  You can move back and forth to get the water directed to right places.  Very effective and relaxing;
  4. Now a more gentle stream of water is directed to your face and head.  It is a refreshing experience as long as you keep your eyes shut.  Remember, this is salt water;
  5. Next, you use an air jet chair.  You sit in the chair while the air is directed to the back of your legs and back.  Very relaxing.  It’s surprising how good the back of the leg jets feel after just a few minutes of treatment;
  6. Now, jets from the floor of the pool shoot up.  There are three positions you use.  Standing will work the lymph system.  Lay on your back to work the lower back and roll over to stimulate your stomach.  Guys, be careful;
  7. The next stage works the muscles in you shoulders and neck.  The small jets are intense and feel quite sharp.  Andrea liked this one but I found it a bit uncomfortable.  It felt like someone was sticking needles into my back;
  8. This step also works the shoulders and neck but without the sharpness of the small jets.  This thing is powerful so you cannot back up too close to it or you will loose your balance;
  9. The jet tub is for relaxation again.  This is a bit like a standard hot tub only stronger.  Think Tim the Tool Man pump upgrade!  It provided a very nice and relaxing experience.  I could stay in this all day;
  10. Sitting and using the wooden headrest is comfortable and relaxing.  I’m not sure what, other than relaxation it is designed to accomplish;
  11. The round saline pool with salt content of 40% is an interesting experience.  You are directed to lay on your back for 5 minutes in the pool with your body is supported due to the high salt content of the water.    Your ears are under the surface and there is soft music playing in the water.  You experience total relaxation, and feel almost weightless.  I tried to lift an arm after a few minutes and it felt like it weighed a ton;
  12. Next is 10 minutes in the sauna.  Yes, it is 32 C outside and they put you in a sauna; 
  13. When you get out of the sauna, they provide crushed ice for you to close your pours with.  You start with icing your feet and legs and work up to your face and head;
  14. Now you go into a lightly scented wet steam room with lights that change color for 10 minutes.  They call this chromatic therapy.  The lights cycle from dark blue, gradually changing to magenta, then red, and finally light blue; and  
  15. When you finish the chromatic therapy, its back to the crushed ice to cool down, and you finish with a cool shower.

When we were done, we headed up the stairs to the road level of the resort and found that our legs were like water.  We were so tired that we had to take a cab back to the resort.  It really is an amazing treatment.  I must confess that there is no way you can equate this experience to a swim in the sea.  I know my back is out and this helped a lot.  If you ever get a chance to try this kind of treatment, you really should.  It is amazing.

Our little group (Paige and Jay along with Julie and Ed) was off to dinner in town again at 6 PM.  Tonight we were headed to another highly recommended restaurant according to Trip Advisor.  It is called La Casa del Pozole Guerrerense.  Don’t worry, I can’t pronounce it either.  We found the place not very cooperative at all.  Jay tried his best to coerce our server into 2 for 1 drinks which are pretty standard around here but he was unsuccessful.  This place is supposed to be known for it’s tamales, but they didn’t have some that were on the menu.  People also didn’t think there was much alcohol in their drinks.

When the food came, it looked great.  Wonderful presentation and large servings.  Some thought their food was good, others thought it average and I thought my garlic fish filet was the worst fish I had eaten on the whole trip.  It was cold, dry, tough and chewy.  I sent it back.  Some of us had sweet tamales for desert but these weren’t particularly memorable either.

I think our generous group might rate this place as average but nothing spectacular.  From my point of view, I thought the best thing about the restaurant was the toilet in the lady’s room, and no, I’m not going to tell you how I knew about it!